lusso casa is an exposition of exceptional Italian brand names.

In the house of interiors lusso casa, we exhibit the furniture and interior accessories of such notable Italian brand names as Kenzo maison and Fendi casa. Our exposition is further supplemented with the works of contemporary artists from the art gallery Aidas that have one or another relationship with the furniture being displayed.

We prepare and create house architecture and interior design as well as select and apply Kenzo maison, Fendi casa furniture, interior accessories and artworks in interiors. The furniture of extraordinary quality, impeccable design, unexpected solutions and bright colours help us create amazing interplay in home interiors.

High quality, rich fabric textures complement the home environment and highlight the exquisite shape of unique works by Italian designers. We know that even small interior elements are of great importance; therefore, we offer a wide range of different colour and shape poufs, cushions and floor lamps in our collection.

Any detail can become a focal point of an interior and we tend to look for the consonance among several of them, e.g. a pouf, cushion, sofa and floor lamp. We kindly invite interior developers, designers and those who appreciate Italian design and art in interiors to take a closer look at contemporary classics by Italian furniture manufacturers. This is a long-awaited opportunity to ascertain the uniqueness of the Kenzo maison, Fendi casa furniture in our house of interiors lusso casa, in the very heart of the Vilnius Old Town.