The famous “Bentley” have introduced its own prestigious “Bentley Home” furniture collection, which is defined by sophisticated design, high-level craftsmanship and materials.

“Bentley” has followed the steps of other manufacturers, like “Mercedes-Benz”, “Audi”, “Maserati”, “Ford” and “Mazda”. In the production of its furniture an exclusive quality leather and walnut has been used. The colour palette includes neutral tones – ivory, beige and cream. Some of the design details and finishes has been used from “Bentley” models. The heritage and traditions of the company has been invoked.

The range of furniture models consists of “Richmond” line (sofa, chaise-lounge and armchairs), “Madeley & Kendal” (tables and chairs), “Harlow” (coffee table), “Canterbury” (bed), “Sherbourne & Kingsbridge” (wardrobe).

From January till September “Bentley Motors” has sold more than 6500 cars in total, 9% more than in the same period last year.