“Kenzo Maison” – it’s a turn to interior world of famous “Kenzo” fashion house, where the two cultures of European and Asian collide again. On the one hand, the brand of “Kenzo Maison” is relatively new, however along with participation of top-level designers from “Kenzo” fashion house, it is developing and improving at an incredible speed. “Kenzo Maison” fully reflects the philosophy, concept and principles of fashion house. The style of “Kenzo Maison” is like in clothes – the combination of subtle Japanese aesthetics and Parisian glamour. According to “Kenzo”, an ideal home does not have a clear structure, does not follow the rules, however it is not chaotic and senseless. “Kenzo” interiors give us a stimulus to creative improvisation, which is created by soft contrasts and feminine sophistication. A non-standard combinations of materials, bright colour solutions, interesting textures are used in furniture production. The interior collection is full of interior elements for the whole house: from bedroom, living room to kitchen accessories. In 2007 Italian concern “Club House Italia” has purchased the production license of “Kenzo Maison”. A group of numerous designers is working on creation of each model. Despite the clearly expressed eclectic, “Kenzo Maison” interiors are full of harmony, perception of itself and surrounding world. It is most probably the reason of their success.

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